Let's get this show off the road.

The Car-Free Diet ShowWelcome to The Car-Free Diet Show, the first, only and – most importantly – #1 rated 4-to-5-minute-long sketch comedy show devoted to the Car-Free Diet in all of Arlington!

Hosted by Car-Free Matt, with appearances by fellow former CFD Skeptics Todd, Ross and Kyle, The Car-Free Diet Show has been delighting audiences with a virtual busload of car-free entertainment since 2012.

So sit back, forget about bumper-to-bumper traffic for five minutes, and enjoy the show!

Episode 6 — "Easy Bus Rider"

In Episode 6, Car-Free Matt and friends get some sun, attempt to play a video game and take drastic measures to make their love of the CFD permanent!

Under the Hood

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos from the making of Episode 6!

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Episode 5 — "The Sound of Metro"

Car-Free Matt and the gang talk dragons and kitty cats, explore smartphone apps and public fountains, and judge each other!

Episode 4 — "Close Encounters of the Orange Line"

Matt and his friends get verbose, go "over the top," get up close and personal with a door, and meet a man who may or may not be part machine.

Episode 3 — "Pirates of the Car-freebbean"

Matt and his car-free crew reduce carbon emissions, go clubbing, take a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood and get up close and personal with people's feet!

Episode 2 — "Mr. Smith Goes to Shirlington"

Matt explains his nickname, meets his long-lost beard brother, has a delightful afternoon tea, and discovers the hot new dance craze that puts the Macarena and Electric Slide to shame!

Episode 1 — "Gone With The Keys"

Matt and his car-free friends laugh, love, do yoga, talk to people with extremely long job titles, experiment with watermelons, smell the roses and more!

Meet the Car-Free Crew:

Car-Free Matt

Photo: Car-Free Matt

Winner of the Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge Season 2
Often seen offering neighborly how-do-you-do’s to complete strangers along Arlington’s many miles of walking paths
Does his best “driving” on the golf course
Car-Free Kyle

Photo: Car-Free Kyle

Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge Season 2 runner-up
Avoids spirit-crushing traffic jams by taking Metro to all the local soccer matches
Swears that going car free is a great way to “meet chicks”
Car-Free Todd

Photo: Car-Free Todd

Winner of the Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge Season 1
Has become an avid bike rider (and he’s got the neon yellow spandex shorts to prove it!)
Makes spreadsheets to show how going car free helps him save money, burn calories, reduce CO2 emissions, and have more time each day to do things like make spreadsheets
Car-Free Ross

Photo: Car-Free Todd

Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge Season 1 runner-up
Believes that ART and Metrobus would be even more perfect forms of transportation if you could take them on joyrides through the automatic car wash
Once sold his car, kind of on a dare