Walkable Living Stories

In Arlington County, more than 45,000 Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) trips have been reduced each work day. Over the year, almost 10,535,500 SOV trips were reduced.

Arlington County, in collaboration with the Coalition for Smarter Growth, is helping to collect first-hand accounts from our neighbors in Arlington, and across the region, to demonstrate our changing transportation needs and help illustrate the many different ways that we go about our everyday life.

We hope that this collection of stories puts a human face on how mobility and transportation choices in Arlington County are evolving, and helps to update the assumptions we use to plan the future of our communities.

Stories may be edited for style. Authors will be contacted at the e-mail provided to let them know we received and will be using their stories.

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Tell us how you complete a regular task or errand, like grocery shopping, visiting the doctor, dropping your child off at day care or even examples of your commute, without using a car that you personally own.


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Alison - Columbia Pike

Photo: Alison

One of the reasons we chose to live in the south Arlington neighborhood of Penrose was because of its accessibility.

My husband and I commute to work together every morning on the ART 45 bus, and then I usually run home from work with my backpack. By running home I am killing two birds with one stone - I am getting my exercise in and am commuting at the same time (and for free!).

We also have tons of businesses in our neighborhood (restaurants, bars, and a grocery store) that we are able to walk to. If we want to venture out a little farther from home for an evening, we can take the ART 77 bus to either Clarendon or Shirlington.

We do have a car that we use for big shopping trips or to visit family that live farther away, but we find that walking, running, and riding the bus are the easiest, healthiest, most convenient, and most green options for most of our daily transit needs.