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Photo: Pascal Laporte
Pascal Laporte, Owner

Several years ago Pascal Laporte, owner of Clarendon Fitness, was your typical overworked 20-something. "It was normal for me to work 15 and 16-hour days at my corporate job," he recounts. "I was overweight and exhausted when the doctor told me I was at risk for diabetes. Basically, I was a ticking time bomb as far as my heath was concerned."

Motivated to get in better shape, Laporte transitioned from the corporate to the wellness world, investing in several New York City-based gyms and assisting in the development of a balanced fitness system which led to his own weight loss of 30 pounds within a few months. In 2010 he opened the doors to Clarendon Fitness to help others achieve similar success.

Clarendon Fitness prides itself on balancing strength training, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility and nutrition. Each client receives an individualized fitness program-designed and refined by multiple trainers-that takes into account their history and goals in order to safely and effectively reach health milestones, whether it be ongoing weight management or toning for a special occasion.

Clients can choose between private one-on-one training, group fitness programs or a hybrid of both. Even the group classes, though, are kept small (four to eight people) so that instructors can focus on individualized needs and proper form. "I can't say enough about my trainers," Pascal says. "They're held to standards that far exceed those of the average gym and they're a huge part of the reason that we're second to none in the area."

Pascal acknowledges the impact many transportation options-Metro, ART, Metrobus and Capital Bikeshare-have on his business. "I specifically chose this area because of its proximity to the Orange Line, providing great accessibility to my business by my target audience," he says. "Plus, if you're not within 15 minutes, via an easy transit option, you're very unlikely to make the effort to work out."

Photo: Clarendon Fitness

Pascal urges his staff and clients to garage their cars and either use alternative modes to get around or move in closer to where they work and play. "I love that I live so close to my business," he says, noting his one minute and 39 second walk from his apartment to Clarendon Fitness. "And, I'm constantly encouraging people to reduce their commute to live a better life."

Clarendon Fitness
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