Day 1

Set Some Goals

So why are you interested in starting a Car-Free Diet? Do you want to save money? Improve your health? Reduce your carbon footprint? Going car free can certainly help you do all three – and our Car-Free Diet Calculator can show you just how much improvement you can expect to make. Today you should decide which goals are most important to you, then use the Calculator to see which car-free transportation options can help you reach them.

Today's Goal: Use the Car-Free Diet Calculator to find out how much money you spend, how many calories you burn and how many pounds of carbon dioxide emissions you emit every time you drive your car – then take a look at how those numbers can change when you travel car free instead.

Today's Advanced Goal: The last step of the Car-Free Diet Calculator lets you develop your own, personalized Seven-Day Diet Plan. Fill out this plan, and you'll know exactly what transportation options you want to try this week.