Day 2

Car-Free Study Session

Back when you first started driving a car, there was a lot for you to learn before you got comfortable with it. The same thing's true for your Car-Free Diet. Arlington offers you tons of car-free transportation options to choose from: buses, trains, bike and walk paths and more. To make sure your experiences with them go as smoothly as possible, you'll want to do a little research about them first.

Here are a few resources to check out:

  • Metro's Trip Planner – type in your starting and ending locations, and this site will show you all your ART, Metrobus and Metro options for making the trip
  • Mobile Tools – helpful online tools and apps that take the guesswork out of riding ART
  • Transit How-To Guide – if you've never ridden the bus or train before, go here to learn how to ride, how to pay and how to read a timetable
  • – this site gives you lots of Arlington specific transportation info, including maps, bus and rail schedules, bike and walk routes and more
  • Commuter Stores – go to any of these four, conveniently located Arlington shops to get free, face-to-face assistance planning your Car-Free Diet
  • Car-Free Diet Facebook page – join this online community to learn about other Dieters' car-free experiences, and to share some experiences of your own

Today's Goal: Learn about how you can go car free for one trip you regularly take – What type of transportation is it? How long does the trip take? If it's a bus or train, what times can you catch it? How much will it cost?

Today's Advanced Goal: Learn about how you can go car free for ALL the trips you take in a typical week.