Day 6

Have a Little Car-Free Fun

If you haven't noticed already, going car free offers you lots of opportunities to have fun. You can read a good book on the bus or train, feel the childlike joy you get each time you zip along a bike lane (right past a bunch of cars stuck in traffic), take a break from your walk to stop and literally smell the roses, and truly enjoy a fun night out with friends – knowing you won't have to worry about driving home afterward.

Today's Goal: Travel car free again. Pay attention to all the chances going car free gives you to do something fun – then take advantage of them. If you need some ideas, see what other Car-Free Dieters are suggesting on our Facebook Fan Page.

Today's Advanced Goal: Take a visit to one or more of Arlington's Urban Villages. These neighborhoods were specifically designed for going car free, with easy access to places you can work, live, shop and play!