Day 7

Look Back, Look Ahead

You've made it through an entire week of Car-Free Dieting! Congratulations! So how was it? Challenging? Exhilarating? Life-altering? Whatever your experience, we bet you have something to say about it – and we'd love to hear it. Go check out our Car-Free Diet Facebook page, where you'll be able to:

  • Interact with other Car-Free Dieters like yourself
  • Share your Car-Free Diet experiences
  • Upload Car-Free Diet related photos and videos

You might also want to tell people how well you did reaching the goals you set for yourself on Day 1. So today, return to the Car-Free Diet Calculator to find out how much money you've saved, how many calories you've burned and how many pounds of carbon dioxide emissions you've reduced this week.

Since you've tested out several different car-free options by now, you should be able to customize a new Seven-Day Diet Plan that you know will work for you. Remember, every car-free trip you take makes a difference. So whether you plan on being 100% car-free from now on, or decide to eliminate just one or two driving trips each week, you can still make the Car-Free Diet part of your life!

Today's Goal: Travel car free one more time (for this week anyway). Use the Car-Free Diet Calculator to review how much you've progressed over the past seven days. Then share those results with your fellow Dieters on Arlington's Car-Free Diet Facebook page.

Today's Advanced Goal: Don't stop now! Make a promise to yourself to keep on saving money, improving your health and cleaning up the environment by going car free in the future. Here in Arlington, it's easy, exciting and fun!