Dogma Bakery (Shirlington)
2772 S Arlington Mill Dr
Arlington, VA 22206

Car-Free Transportation Options

        Transit Service Alerts


        • There are no reported Metrorail disruptions at this time.

        ART Bus:

          There are no reported ART disruptions at this time.


        • 1C: Buses are currently experiencing delays of 10-20 minutes in both directions.
        • X2: Buses are experiencing delays due to streetcar testing along H St NE.
        • U4,U5,V7: Due to traffic congestion along Minnesota Ave near Randle Circle, buses are delayed up to 15 minutes.
        • D8,H4,H6: Buses are currently running up to 15 minutes behind schedule.
        • P12: Due to construction, buses to Addison Rd detour at Kennebec & Glassmanor Dr to resume regular route at Iverson & Owens Rd.
        • P12: Due to construction, buses to Eastover detour at Iverson & Owens Rd to resume regular route at Glassmanor & Kennebec St.

        DC Circulator

        There are no reported DC Circulator disruptions at this time.

        Trip Planner

        e.g. 1701 N George Mason Dr, Arlington, VA
        e.g. 2772 S Randolph St, Arlington, VA