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Car-Free Transportation Options

        Transit Service Alerts


        • Orange & Silver Line trains will not stop at Stadium-Armory until 7:30PM. Use Blue Line trains if traveling to/from Stadium-Armory.
        • Shuttle bus service available btwn Stadium-Armory & Minnesota Ave for Orange Line travel to/from Stadium-Armory.
        • Red Line: Delays possible in both directions due to scheduled track work between Van Ness & Friendship Heights.

        ART Bus:

        • Detour 43 92 by Crystal City Metro
          The Crystal City Metro ART 43&92 stop has been moved 200 feet north due to Construction at S. Bell & 18th. Please allow a few extra minutes


        • A2,A4,A8,W1: Due to an accident at South Capitol St & Atlantic St SE, buses may experience delays.
        • 70, 79: Due to traffic congestion at 7th & New York Ave NW and 9th & Massachusetts Ave NW, buses are experiencing up to 35-minute delays.
        • 80: Due an accident at North Capitol & I St, buses are experiencing up to 15-minute delays in both directions.

        DC Circulator

        There are no reported DC Circulator disruptions at this time.

        Trip Planner

        e.g. 1701 N George Mason Dr, Arlington, VA
        e.g. 2772 S Randolph St, Arlington, VA