A perfect reason to start a new workplace walking routine

April 12, 2011

Photo: Pedestrians in crosswalkThere are numerous benefits for exercising together including support, commitment and motivation. Additionally, you’re more likely to enjoy your exercise session in the company of friends. But with a busy work schedule and plenty of other commitments, it’s hard to find the time and wherewithal to make it happen. 

Enter National Walk @ Lunch Day®, an annual workplace event that encourages you to get up from your  desk and on your feet at lunchtime. Established by BlueCross BlueShield, National Walk @ Lunch Day® is designed to complement your busy lifestyle, improve personal health and decrease the costs of healthcare for employers and employees. 

This year, National Walk @ Lunch Day is Wednesday, April 27, just two weeks awayIt’s a perfect reason for you and your colleagues to start a new workplace walking routine! 

Don’t know how to get started?  Planning a walk is easier than you think.  Here are some helpful tips for getting your co-workers up on their feet to join you for a lunchtime walk on National Walk @ Lunch Day®

For additional workplace walking tips and to find more information about National Walk @ Lunch Day®, check out WalkArlington Works at WalkArlington.comNational Walk @ Lunch Day® is just one of the steps you and your co-workers can take toward a healthier self. 

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