Arlington is Great for Biking

January 26, 2011

Photo: Cyclist on Arlington trailI started commuting by bicycle because I love riding. I found on the days that I rode to work by bike, I was happier and more productive.

About 3 years ago, I stopped driving almost completely. I went from driving 10,000 miles per year to riding 10,000 miles per year. I've lost 50 pounds and feel great.

This year I'm measuring my cycling in CO2 Emissions saved in addition to miles. As of January 23rd, I have saved over 586 pounds of CO2 emissions by riding my bicycle. My goal is 10,000 pounds for 2011.

Thank you, Arlington, for being such a great example of a bicycle friendly community. I look forward to others following your example.

Pete Beers, Falls Church, VA

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