Car Free Counts Too

May 25, 2012

tax bill graphicJust as you register your car with the Arlington County Commissioner of Revenue, car-free individuals should be able to register their status in a similar way. This would help to build the legal status of the car-free, would allow the County to count our numbers so it can use them to build the effort, and would allow the Commissioner to end the letters that ask you to pay your car tax when you don't own a car.

Knowing how many people have joined this effort could help shape public policy too, especially in creating and maintaining bicycle lanes, crosswalks, and sidewalks. And in bus scheduling -- surely if there are enough people living car free, there could be a justification to increase bus service, and bus frequency makes it even easier to live car-free. There have been studies that show if you can reliably reduce bus wait time to 7 minutes or less, you will increase ridership exponentially.

Write to Arlington County Commissioner of Revenue Ingrid Morroy and tell her to count you too.

Laura Dely
Arlington resident

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