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February 5, 2014

Photo: Joe ChaplineJoe Chapline is Web Manager for Arlington County Commuter Services. He usually teleworks from Baltimore, but goes multimodal to attend meetings: bike to MARC to Metrorail to shoe leather.

Screen shot: Sample Car-Free Near Me results
Car-free options near Virginia Square Metro

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Car-Free Near Me™ is a new web app developed by Arlington County Commuter Services, a bureau of Arlington, Virginia’s Department of Environmental Services.

Car-Free Near Me™ provides information about transportation systems serving any location in Arlington or Washington, D.C. The app has some usefulness throughout the Washington, D.C. area, but not all local transportation systems are included. Those that are included are listed below. As more data is added, the app will become more useful throughout the region.

App users can provide a location by dragging a pin on a map, typing in an address, or by sharing location information from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. When the location is entered, Car-Free Near Me generates a list of nearby transportation services (including bus route numbers), and a map that shows the locations of access points (bus stops, Capital Bikeshare docks, etc.). For Arlington locations, bicycle-pedestrian trails and bike lanes are also shown.

In addition to a comprehensive list of services, Car-Free Near Me™ also provides real-time information, including upcoming bus and train arrivals and the availability of Capital Bikeshare bikes and docks.

Users can customize the display so that the information they’re most interested in is front and center. Information is presented in modules, which users can rearrange or hide completely. Car-Free Near Me™ “remembers” the configuration when a page is closed, and will present it the same way when the user reopens the page from a bookmark, or from an icon saved to their mobile device, or when a link is shared.

Car-Free Near Me has a number of uses:

  • Learn what transportation services are available at a location you plan to visit
  • Get transportation information about wherever you happen to be at the moment
  • Bookmark frequently-visited locations, such as home or office, and keep an eye on real-time information for the services you use

Car-Free Near Me™ includes data for Metrorail, Metrobus, Arlington Transit - ART, D.C. Circulator, Montgomery County RideOn, Prince George’s County The Bus, Capital Bikeshare, Zipcar, and Arlington County bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Try out the app at More information is available at

Screen shot: Car-Free Near Me home page

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