Kids Say the Darndest Things - Car-Free Edition

January 13, 2014

My friend's 8 1/2 year old daughter, Maia, wrote the following composition:

Child's drawing: People on a busRiding the Bus Is Good

I think more people should ride the bus.

Some people think that cars are better than buses because with a car you don’t have to wait for the car to come, rather than waiting at the bus stop. But I think people should ride the bus because of three reasons.

First I think that more people should ride the bus because the bus can take you to lots of places.

My other reason is that you don’t have to drive, so you can do work and relax on the bus.

Finally I think that people should ride the bus because bigger vehicles pollute more, but if five families ride the bus instead of riding five small cars it makes less pollution in the air. If you listen to these ideas the world will be a better place!

Out of the mouth of babes...

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