World Car Free Day

September 12, 2012

photo of biking and walkingWorld Car-Free Day is Saturday, September 22. It's a day when everyone in the world (yes, the whole wide world) is encouraged to give up their car and try an alternative such as transit, walking or biking. The idea being that if you can give up your car for a day, you can give it up for two days or three days until you are living a car-free lifestyle. And if more people go car free, the world will be less polluted, the streets will be less crowded and we won't be as dependent on foreign oil. The idea is also to show governments that people are willing to give up their cars and that resources should be put towards better bike lanes, sidewalks and other projects that make it easier to go car free. 

Show your support by taking the Car-Free Day Pledge and you are eligible to win great prizes like an Apple iPad. In Arlington, we have been encouraging people to give up their cars, even if it's just a few days or trips a week, with Arlington's Car-Free Diet. Visit us at Clarendon Day and join in the celebration on September 22.

Thanks to everyone who is on the Car-Free Diet and is living a car-free or car-lite lifestyle.

Bobbi Greenberg is the Marketing Director for Arlington County Commuter Services within the Department of Environmental Services.

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