Getting Started

Steps to Create a Custom Transportation Information Page Using Car-Free Near Me™

Follow these steps to create a custom web page displaying transportation options for your home, workplace, or anyplace you choose.

1) Go to

2) Choose a location using one or more of these methods:

  • In the gray box in the top left of the screen, type in an address, including city and state, in the address field. Click “ENTER.” The map pointer will move to the location of the address.
  • Drag the map pointer to the location. You can also drag the map itself, or use the tools on the left to move the map or zoom in or out. When you move the map pointer, the address will update in the address field. When the pointer is in the correct location, click "ENTER" next to the address field.
  • If you are using a geolocation-enabled device, click “Use My Location” and approve sharing your location in the dialog box that pops up. The map pointer will move to your location. Click "ENTER" next to the address field. If your device does not support geolocation, you will not see the "Use My Location" button.

3) Choose the radius using the icons in the upper left. The four icons represent radii of .025 miles, .25 miles, .5 miles, and 1 mile. For locations near transit hubs, using a small radius will show only the closest transportation options. In locations that have fewer transit options nearby, using a larger radius may show more options.

4) When the map pointer is in the correct location, and the radius is set, click “Next” in the lower right corner of the gray box. This will generate a custom page showing transportation options for the location.

To adjust the location or radius after creating a page, click “Edit Location” in the top left. Then follow the  steps listed above.

Customize Your Results

Arrange the information on your page the way you want it, using the horizontal “Overview” near the top of the page. Icons in the Overview represent modules available to view. To show or hide modules, drag and drop icons between the active area, with the dark green background, on the left of the overview, and the inactive area, with the light green background, on the right. Drag and drop modules within the active area to rearrange the order of visible modules. You can also quickly hide modules by clicking the icon in the top right of each module.

Bookmark pages to access information for frequently-visited locations. Use the social media icons in the top right corner to share your Car-Free Near Me page. Bookmarked and shared pages will show the page as you arranged it. (Although you and those you share your page with will still be able to rearrange the page later.)

Car-Free Near Me™ pages can be created and viewed using a desktop computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Car-Free Near Me™ Home Page Features

Screen shot: Car Free Near Me home page

1) Location tools. Type in an address and click "ENTER" next to the address field. If you are using a geolocation-enabled device, an want transportation options for your current location, click the USE MY LOCATION button.

2) Radius choices. From left to right, icons represent radii of .025, .25, .5, and 1 mile.

3) NEXT button. When the map pin is in the correct location, click NEXT to generate a page of transportation options.

4) Map pin. You can choose your location, or refine it, by dragging the pin.

5) Base map tools. You can zoom in or out, or move the base map up, down, right, or left. You can also drag the base map.

6) Sharing tools and link to on-screen instructions. On the Car-Free Near Me home page, sharing tools will share the home page. Once you have created a custom page of transportation options, it will have its own set of sharing tools.

Car-Free Near Me™ Transportation Options Page Features

Screen shot: Transportation Options page features

1) Overview. This shows the modules that are visible, on the left (icons on dark green background), and the modules that are hidden, on the right (grayed-out icons on light green background). Drag icons within the "active" area on the left to change the order modules display. Drag visible modules to the lower pane to hide them. Drag hidden modules to the upper pane to make them visible.

2) Refresh button. Note that real-time predictions in the transit modules do not update automatically. Click the Refresh button to update real-time information. The time the page was last refreshed appears next to the Refresh button.

3) Edit Location button. Click to adjust the map pin location or radius.

4) List of transportation options available for this location, within the radius you chose.

5) Map showing locations of transportation services, including bus stops, Metrorail stations, station entrances and elevators, and Capital Bikeshare docks. Click icons for real-time information.

6) Map Key button. Click to display key to map icons. Click check boxes next to icons in the map key to show or hide layers on the map.

7) "Hide Module" icon. Click this icon, found in the upper right of each module, to hide the module. To show the module again, drag the icon for the module "inactive" to the "active" pane in the Overview (1).

8) Transit system module. Displays stations or stops for within the specified radius.

9) Sharing tools. When you have your custom page configured the way you want it, you can share it via Facebook, Twitter, or email. The shared link will recreate the page for this location, with the same modules visible, in the same order.

10) Link to on-screen instructions.

Car-Free Diet Counter

Did You Know?

Adolescents who participate in bicycling more than four times a week are 48% less likely to be overweight as adults.

Menschik, D., et al., 2008


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