A carsharing membership is a great resource for people who occasionally need a car but don't want the expense and/or trouble of car ownership. When used in conjunction with public transportation, walking or bicycling, carsharing can reduce or eliminate the need to own a personal vehicle. For families, carsharing can postpone or eliminate the need to buy a second car. For businesses, participation in a carsharing program can reduce or eliminate the need to store and maintain company cars, or to require employees to bring their personal cars to work.


Zipcar has over 80 vehicles available in Arlington and many more throughout the region. Zipcar vehicles range from compact cars to pick-up trucks to cargo vans, a variety of vehicles to meet a variety of transportation needs. Members reserve cars online or through a mobile app or over the phone, unlock the reserved car using a membership card, use the car, and return it to its original location. You can rent Zipcars for as little as an hour and you never have to pay for gas. Zipcar makes it easy to go or stay on Arlington's Car-Free Diet.

Enterprise Carshare

Enterprise Carshare has car locations in Rosslyn, Ballston, Clarendon and Courthouse neighborhoods, building on the more than 80 locations in D.C. Run by Enterprise Rent-A-Car, car sharing started as a natural extension of its rental program and longtime focus on customized local service. Enterprise CarShare uses technology and an award-winning service record to deliver speed, efficiency and economy to people who need a car at a moment’s notice.

For more information about carsharing and carsharing services in Arlington and the wider metro area, please visit's Carsharing page.

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