Car-Free Transportation Options

        Transit Service Alerts


        • Red Line: Trains single tracking btwn Shady Grove & Twinbrook due to a track condition outside Shady Grove. Expect delays both directions.
        • Green Line: Trains single tracking btwn Greenbelt & College Park due to a switch problem outside Greenbelt. Expect delays both directions.
        • Yellow Line: Trains operate btwn Huntington & National Airport only due to scheduled maintenance. Use Blue Line to continue trip.
        • Red Line: Medical Center and Bethesda stations are closed this weekend due to scheduled maintenance. Shuttles provided.
        • Red Line: This weekend, buses replace trains btwn Friendship Heights and Grosvenor due to scheduled maintenance.

        ART Bus:


        • There are no reported Metrobus disruptions at this time.

        DC Circulator

        There are no reported DC Circulator disruptions at this time.

        Trip Planner

        e.g. 1701 N George Mason Dr, Arlington, VA
        e.g. 2772 S Randolph St, Arlington, VA