Car-Free Transportation Options

        Transit Service Alerts


        • There are no reported Metrorail disruptions at this time.

        ART Bus:

          There are no reported ART disruptions at this time.


        • F4: Buses continue to experience delays of up to 15 minutes following earlier road blockage near Philadelphia Ave & Holt Pl.
        • R2: Due to traffic congestion near Riggs Rd & 6th St NE, buses are delayed up to 15 minutes.
        • 80,D8,H2,H4: Due too traffic congestion near N Capitol St & Michigan Av, buses are delayed up to 15 minutes.
        • F4,J1,J2,J3,Q4,Y7,Y8,Z2,Z6,Z8: Due to hazmat situation at Georgia Av & Colesville Rd, Metrobus svc is affected in both directions.
        • X2: Buses are experiencing up to 20 minute residual delays following earlier traffic congestion at 8th & H St NE.

        DC Circulator

        There are no reported DC Circulator disruptions at this time.

        Trip Planner

        e.g. 1701 N George Mason Dr, Arlington, VA
        e.g. 2772 S Randolph St, Arlington, VA