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Get Started

1) Go to The first time you visit, the location shown on the map will be near the Virginia Square Metro station in Arlington. The default view shows transportation services available within a half-mile radius of Virginia Square station.

2) Set the location you're interested in. There are several ways to set the location:

a) Drag the map marker. Click the EDIT LOCATION button, to the right of the map. Drag the red location marker to the location you want. If the marker is near an edge of the map, the map will scroll in that direction.

b) Use your current location. Click the USE MY LOCATION button, the the right of the map, to move the location marker to your current location, using the location tools in your computer or mobile device.

c) Enter an address, or the name of a neighborhood or landmark, in the text field to the right of the map. Click the SEARCH button. The location marker will move to the location that is the closest match to the text you entered. If it's not the correct location, try again with different text. If the location is close, you can drag the location marker to the exact location.

3) Choose a radius. Using the four buttons below the text field, to the right of the map, select how far from the location marker to look for transportation services. The choices are .25 miles, .5 miles, 1 mile, and 2 miles.

4) Find transportation services. Click the FIND SERVICES button, to the right of the map, to find services for the selected location and radius.

Adjust Location

You can adjust the location and radius at any time by clicking the EDIT LOCATION button. Clicking a radius button, or clicking SEARCH in the text field, will put the tool into edit mode. When you're finished making adjustments, click FIND SERVICES. To start over with the default view, click the Car-Free Near Me logo in the top right, or refresh the browser window.

Hide Services

By default, Car-Free Near Me will display all transportation services in its database available at the selected location. If you don't want to see all services, deselect checkboxes in the Services panel to the right of the map. Note: Bicycle facilities are listed in the Services panel for all locations, even though the tool only has access to this data for locations in Arlington County. This is a known flaw that we're working on.

Get More Information

After clicking FIND SERVICES, Car-Free Near Me will display icons, representing the locations of transportation services, on the map. Click an icon to get more information. Information will appear in a panel over the bottom of the map.

Bus Routes

If you click a map icon representing a bus service, routes serving that location are displayed in the panel at the bottom of the map, along with real-time information, when it's available. The entire route paths for all bus routes serving the location are also displayed on the map. To see an individual route, click the button representing that route, inside the panel at the bottom of the map. The map view will zoom out to display the entire route and all bus stops. To return to the view of all services, click the Exit Highlight Mode button at the bottom of the map. Note: Metro's database of bus routes includes route variations that may be irrelevant to riders. For example, stops serving Metrobus 38B show three routes: 38B, 38Bv2, and 38Bv3. To see the entire route, choose the "plain" version -- 38B in this case.

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