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Bike and scooter-sharing companies implement new cleaning practices
As a result of World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, the companies have modified their cleaning and sanitizing protocols, and they’ve also added new safety practices.
Brandon Millman, April 2, 2020, WTOP
What would it take for Metro to shut down?
Metro does not expect to totally shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, General Manager Paul Wiedefeld said.
Max Smith, April 2, 2020, WTOP
Five Arlington roads eyed for Complete Streets changes
Five arterial streets in Arlington are being considered as candidates for a Complete Streets overhaul.
Vernon Miles, April 2, 2020, ARLnow
Alexandria expands suspension of parking enforcement
The city will no longer enforce residential parking permit zones, weekend time restrictions, meter fees on blocks with pay stations, time restrictions for street sweeping or the prohibition against parking on a street for more than 72 hours.
Cody Mello-Klein, April 2, 2020, Alexandria Times
North Branch Trail construction pushed back to 2021
Construction on a couple of segments of the North Branch Trail, a trail that will eventually extend along the North Branch of Rock Creek from the Rock Creek Valley Trail to Olney, was to begin this spring or last fall, but has been pushed out to 2021.
April 2, 2020, WashCycle
Fairfax Connector to get $1.85M in funding to keep buses rolling
The bus service is set to receive $1.85 million in funds from the Commonwealth Transportation Board, which oversees statewide transportation and transit projects, to help address the impact of the novel coronavirus, including a dip in revenue from fares.
Fatimah Waseem, April 1, 2020, Reston Now
Express Lanes traffic falls in coronavirus era as gridlock disappears
No traffic jams during the coronavirus pandemic stay-home orders means drivers are not seeing a reason to use Northern Virginia’s toll lanes.
Max Smith, April 2, 2020, WTOP
Despite telework, stay-at-home orders, not much change to air quality in D.C. area
One outcome that is emerging from the mandated stay-at-home orders and other local initiatives related to the coronavirus pandemic is less traffic on D.C.-area roadways. But the potential for improved air quality remains to be seen, at least for now.
Brandon Millman, April 1, 2020, WTOP
Help determine NVTA funding for regional transportation projects
$400 million in funding is available for regional transportation projects in 2020-2025 plan.
April 1, 2020, FABB
Biking during COVID-19
Note: Everything in this post could change very quickly.
April 1, 2020, WABA
Where can I park my bike?
While locking your bike to a rack is always the ideal scenario, sometimes there aren’t enough racks available.
April 1, 2020, WABA
Bikes on bus and rail
Sometimes you need to take your bike on the train or bus.
April 1, 2020, WABA
Construction ends on the Bay Bridge's westbound span a year early
A long-term rehabilitation project on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge’s westbound span ended Wednesday, when Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced construction wrapped more than a year ahead of schedule.
Alejandro Alvarez, April 1, 2020, WTOP
Project helps D.C. residents donate bicycles to essential workers
As avid cyclists, Rachel Maisler and Rudi Riet already knew that bikes could be great alternative modes of transit. But as the coronavirus pandemic shut down much of D.C. and greatly reduced access to public transportation, they seemed even more vital.
Nathan Diller, April 1, 2020, WAMU
Trump administration rolls back rules on mileage standards
The Trump administration released its far-reaching rollback of Obama-era tailpipe pollution standards Tuesday, describing the new looser rules as reflecting its “largest deregulatory initiative” yet.
Michael Laris, Ian Duncan, March 31, 2020, Washington Post
Silver Line extension likely to open in Spring 2021
Although Metro is currently cutting routes and closing stations due to COVID-19, planning continues for the extension of the Silver Line into Loudoun County.
Fatimah Waseem, March 31, 2020, Reston Now
What social distancing and staying home might mean for D.C.'s air quality
In D.C., it’s still too soon to know the true environmental impact of the crisis. But experts say that, at least in the short term, it’s likely to clear up air pollution in the city.
Nathan Diller, March 31, 2020, dcist
Metro backs away from significant bus service cuts
The Metro Board is set to approve its final budget for fiscal year 2021 on Thursday, following an extensive public comment period and no shortage of controversy.
Margaret Barthel, March 31, 2020, WAMU
How WMATA is juggling riders' needs and coronavirus safety
Some are questioning WMATA’s approach to curtailing service during a time when many people need it most, bringing to the forefront some key questions.
Caitlin Rogger, March 31, 2020, GGWash
Car-sharing service shuts down local operations amid outbreak
After quietly launching in October, car-sharing service Penske Dash is quietly closing down in Arlington and D.C.
March 31, 2020, ARLnow
New rail authority in Va. could revolutionize connections for riders throughout the state
After decades of railroad corporations’ stranglehold on Virginia’s rail expansion plans, the Commonwealth will now join the elite handful of states featuring a legal entity with a mandate to own, manage, and expand rail infrastructure for the public good and the benefit of businesses across the region.
Wyatt Gordon, March 31, 2020, GGWash
Arlington to get state grant to keep ART buses running
The Arlington County Board voted Monday to accept $420,000 in funds from the state to support Arlington Transit.
March 31, 2020, dcist
Facing stay-at-home orders, Metro says it will close more stations, scale back service
Metro is warning that it could scale back essential rail and bus service even further now that stay-at-home orders have been issued in all the jurisdictions it serves – Maryland, D.C. and Virginia.
Pete Muntean, March 30, 2020, WUSA9
Bike lane projects planned for Reston
State and local officials are planned to add bike lanes and left-turn lanes on Beulah Road, as well as shared lane marks on the narrow parts of the road.
Fatimah Waseem, March 30, 2020, Reston Now
D.C. closing additional biking, walking paths near Tidal Basin
D.C. is closing more biking and walking paths around the Tidal Basin in an effort to stop crowds from checking out the cherry blossom trees.
March 31, 2020, Fox5
Metro board will decide on service, fare changes this week
Metro’s board of directors is set to vote on a final version of its fiscal year 2021 budget this Thursday, likely bringing changes to Metro’s fare structure and service. Once passed, the budget could take effect as early as July.
Margaret Barthel, March 31, 2020, WAMU
Amtrak makes more service cuts, extends waiver on change fees
To help reduce the spread of the virus, Amtrak said Monday it would temporarily reduce bookings in coach and business class by 50 percent “to help maintain CDC recommendations for social distancing onboard our trains.”
Luz Lazo, March 30, 2020, Washington Post
WMATA on track for budget compromise that achieves key rider asks
Most but not all of Metro’s proposed cuts to bus service are off the table, under a draft budget proposal the WMATA Board will vote on Thursday. So is an extra charge for riders using cash on buses, which advocates had opposed.
David Alpert, March 30, 2020, GGWash
Reduced traffic means more time for roadwork during coronavirus crisis
Road crews will have more time to work on Route 7 corridor improvements due to reduced traffic during the coronavirus crisis.
March 30, 2020, Inside NoVa
Report: Northam to issue a stay-at-home order for Va.
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam will order state residents to remain at home with some exceptions, as the state steps up its effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, a source familiar with the order said.
March 30, 2020, Richmond Times-Dispatch

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