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Getting Around Shirlington

This urban village is served by several Metrobus routes, all connecting to the nearby Pentagon City and Crystal City Metro stations. Bicyclists can get in and out of Shirlington via the W&OD Trail and the Four Mile Run Trail, and use on-street trails and bike lanes within the neighborhood. Scroll down or choose a link below for more information about getting around Shirlington.

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Regional bus service for the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. For additional bus service, see ART and DASH, below.

Arlington Transit-ART

ART is Arlington's local bus service. For additional bus service, see Metrobus, above and DASH, below.


DASH is Alexandria's local bus service. For additionals bus service, see Metrobus and ART, above.

Bicycling & Bike-Sharing

  • Bike facilities – Both the Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) and Four Mile Run Trails provide access to the Shirlington area, with many access points. A trail parallel to Walter Reed Dr. provides access from Alexandria and Route 7. A pedestrian/bike bridge over I-395 provides a connection to Quaker Lane. 31st St. S. provides a connection to Fairlington.
  • Bike parking – At Shirlington Branch Library, and on-street parking is available along Campbell Ave.
  • Capital Bikeshare - Shirlington is served by Capital Bikeshare stations at the Shirlington Transit Center and on Arlington Mill Drive, 31st Street S., 34th St. S., and N. Quaker Lane
  • Bicycling general information

Shared Electric Scooters

Arlington County is allowing shared e-scooters under a demonstration program. Several companies hold permits to operate in Arlington.



  • car2go - "Free-floating" car-sharing, without fixed parking spots, in Arlington and Washington D.C.
  • Zipcar has cars in Shirlington
  •® Car-Sharing page – Information about car-sharing in the D.C. area



  • Arlington's Car-Free Diet Map – map of Arlington showing bus routes, bike routes, bicycle/pedestrian trails, Metro stations, Capital Bikeshare stations, and more. (PDF, 1.8 MB)
  • Car-Free Near Me™ – maps transportation facilities near any location you choose in Arlington or the Washington, D.C. area, and provides real-time information for ART and Metrobus stops, Capital Bikeshare stations, and more
  • Maps & Routes page – includes PDF versions of the Arlington County Bike Map and Arlington County Bicycle Comfort Level Map
  • Maps & Trip Planners page
  • Metro's Maps page

Trip Planners

  • CarFreeAtoZ gives you all your transit, walk and bike options, including Capital Bikeshare, for the region. This multi-modal trip planning and comparison tool gives you turn-by-turn directions, travel times, costs and calories burned, as well as trips that combine more than one option.
  • Use Metro's Trip Planner to find out how to get where you want to go in the Washington, D.C. area, using Metrobus and rail and local bus systems. The Trip Planner asks you where you're starting and when and where you want to go. Then it finds the best way for you to get there using the Metro system and local bus systems.

Transit Fares & Information


Real-time transportation information for Shirlington

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