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Capital Bikeshare

Capital Bikeshare is a joint bikesharing program in Arlington, the District of Columbia, Alexandria, Fairfax County and Montgomery County. The program has more than 3,700 bikes available and more than 440 stations throughout the area. Specially-built bikes are kept in a network of docking stations. Members use an electronic key to check out a bike, ride to a destination served by the network, and return the bike to another docking station near their destination. You can join Capital Bikeshare for a single trip, one day, 3 days, a month or a year. The system is designed to be used for transportation to go from point A to point B within the network and dock the bike, making it available to other members. Trips up to 30 minutes long are free, with fees starting to accrue after 30 minutes.

For more information, visit Visit More information about Capital Bikeshare in Arlington is available from BikeArlington.


Dockless Bikesharing

Dockless bikesharing doesn't depend on fixed docking stations for locking the systems bikes. Instead, bikes include a built-in locking mechanism and are tracked by GPS. They can be parked anywhere it's legal to park a bike. Several companies have begun operating in Washington D.C. We'll see if these systems become part of Arlington's bikesharing picture.

Dockless bike-share is officially here, by Luz Lazo, September 20, 2017, Washington Post

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