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Arlington's Metro Service

Come back to Metro to see blue skies ahead. Orange you glad Metro's back up and running? Say "Yellow" to a much better Metro. Sweeter Metro rides, served on a silver platter.

It’s really easy to get around Arlington without a car. And Metrorail – the Washington, D.C. area's regional rail system – is a big reason why.

With eleven stations serving Arlington along the Blue, Yellow, Silver and Orange lines, Metro offers fast, frequent trips between Arlington, Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas. And now that Metro has recently repaired and modernized much of their system, they’re more reliable and on time. So go for a ride, and see how Arlington’s Metro service is improving today!

NEW! Metro's Rush Hour Promise will give you a credit for your rush hour ride if your trip is delayed 15 minutes or more. Be sure to register your SmarTrip card to participate and get credit.

For maps, schedules and more, visit Metro’s website at See how Metro is getting Back2Good.

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